JUST PUBLISHED: EntreComp in the Western Balkans

The working document “New Momentum – EntreComp in the Western Balkans”, a description of the process of integrating EntreComp into the education and training system in the Western Balkans countries is now available here:

The document was created by a regional team of experts who presented their views on the EntreComp skills integration process at the regional conference which was held in Podgorica in April.

In the document, information can be found on the genesis of the EntreComp framework, the national experiences regarding the creation of an ecosystem for entrepreneurial learning, and about the process of integrating EntreComp into teaching and learning that began in April 2023 in Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The document will be used as a guide for the work of the Intersectoral Working Group on the EntreComp Framework, which was formed in June 2023, and which has the task of developing a toolkit for teachers and school management, about the integration of selected EntreComp competencies in VET teaching and learning, accompanied by an instrument for recognizing EntreComp competencies.

The process will take place in a participatory manner at the national and regional level. It was initiated through the VETpreneur project, which is implemented in the Western Balkans by a consortium led by Junior Achievement Serbia, and financed by the EU in the framework of the Erasmus+ program, capacity building in VET.

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