Teacher Training in Sarajevo

Student Company program training for teachers from Bosnia and Herzegovina was held on September 26-27 in Sarajevo. The training was organised by Social Innovation Incubator Munja, Redah Association for Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of  Republic of Srpska in the scope of the VETpreneur project.

The training gathered 26 secondary school teachers from 11 schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Student Company is an entrepreneurial education program that allows students to be involved in the development and management of their own companies at school, with real products and services, as well as to manage the money earned during their high school education. Therefore, the goal of the training is for teachers to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to implement the program and thus start student companies at school- a program that has been designated by the European Commission as the best model of entrepreneurial education in the world.

The training was prepared and successfully implemented by a pair of teachers who come from Serbia: Marija Urošević and Milan Nikolić. 

The evaluation of the training showed that the topics and contents provided for in the program were implemented, the trainers were prepared and knew the area well program relates that the professors plan to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the training in work with to their students at school and to recommend the training to their colleagues

The training was attended by teachers of science and social subjects, who acquired new knowledge and skills in the field of preparing a business plan, starting student companies, preparing teams for the fair exhibition, and other phases necessary for the further implementation of the program with students at school. In addition to the mentioned knowledge and skills, the teachers exchanged existing and gained new experiences useful for the implementation of the Student Company program from the beginning of the new school year. 

After the training, agreements on cooperation on the VETpreneur project through various activities were signed with the 4 schools for now.